SynBody: Synthetic Dataset with Layered Human Models for 3D Human Perception and Modeling

Zhitao Yang1,*     Zhongang Cai1,2,3,*     Haiyi Mei1,*     Shuai Liu2,*      Zhaoxi Chen3,*
Weiye Xiao1     Yukun Wei1     Zhongfei Qing1     Chen Wei1
Bo Dai2     Wayne Wu2     Chen Qian1     Dahua Lin4     Ziwei Liu3,✉     Lei Yang1,2,✉
1SenseTime Research      2Shanghai AI Laboratory
3S-Lab, Nanyang Technological University      4The Chinese University of Hong Kong
*Equal Contribution    Corresponding Author

ICCV 2023


SynBody is a large-scale synthetic dataset with massive number of subjects and high-quality annotations. It supports various research topics, including human mesh recovery and novel view synthesis for human (Human NeRF).


Synthetic data has emerged as a promising source for 3D human research as it offers low-cost access to large-scale human datasets. To advance the diversity and annotation quality of human models, we introduce a new synthetic dataset, SynBody, with three appealing features: 1) a clothed parametric human model that can generate a diverse range of subjects; 2) the layered human representation that naturally offers high-quality 3D annotations to support multiple tasks; 3) a scalable system for producing realistic data to facilitate real-world tasks. The dataset comprises 1.2M images with corresponding accurate 3D annotations, covering 10,000 human body models, 1,187 actions, and various viewpoints. The dataset includes two subsets for human pose and shape estimation as well as human neural rendering. Extensive experiments on SynBody indicate that it substantially enhances both SMPL and SMPL-X estimation. Furthermore, the incorporation of layered annotations offers a valuable training resource for investigating the Human Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF).



[2024-01-05] Release of 1,000+ SMPL-XL models in format of FBX and OBJ

[2023-10-06] Release of SynBody v1.0 dataset containing subsets of SMPL, SMPL-X, HumanNeRF

[2023-10-06] Release of 100 SMPL-XL models in format of FBX and OBJ

[2023-09-11] Release of XRFeitoria (Synthetic Data Render Toolchain)

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SynBody is released under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License. If you use SMPL-X for commercial purpose, please contact for more details.


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